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8 Important Things You Shouldn’t Forget While Planning Your Wedding

The weather can be a friend or foe

No matter how many times you’ve checked the weather forecast, you just cannot know if nature will be on your side on your big day. Especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding, do not forget to have a contingency plan. Check out this website to know more about wedding planning. A back-up plan for unexpected rain, snow and even a sunny day should be in place no matter what!


If the venue of the wedding hall to the hotels and reception is quite far, consider arranging transportation for the large group. This can ensure the events starting on time as well as help people from out of town to get to the right location.

Always have a guest count

Keep counting the number of invitations that you’ve sent out and the number of people that will show up for the wedding. Chances are a lot of people might just end up showing up. Always order food and seating a little extra. Don’t worry about leftover food as you can always give them out to people who need it.

You can’t do everything on your own

This perhaps the hardest to admit. People tend to go all out when planning weddings either for themselves or for their friends. The need to give your friends the best sometimes end up with one person doing everything. No matter how much you want to do everything on your own, assign responsibilities. Get the maid of honour in charge of the wedding dresses, put the best man in charge or rings, make cousin Susan in charge or receiving guests, well, you get the point.


When everyone is running around, nervous, it is not a surprise that most of the immediate family like the bride’s mother and the bride and groom themselves would have had something to eat. Make it a point to have someone cook them breakfast or order food for them. Having breakfast is definitely a must, especially on your wedding day.

Create a timeline

This must be done right from the moment you start planning the wedding. Write down thing you need to get done 12 months before the wedding, 6 months before the wedding, 3 months prior and so on. You may revise and modify the timeline as you go along but always stick to the timeline.

Extra Pair

Get the bride and groom extra pairs of shoes, clothes, everything. As superstitious as it sounds, emergencies do happen. Keep extra pairs of everything in handy.

The payment

Make sure that they is a person who is the first contact with vendors. Put that person in charge of paying the right vendor at the right time.

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