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9 must have guitar accessories

Now that you have a guitar you may notice that it is just a piece of a puzzle and there are many more thing you will need to go with your guitar. The reason might be as simple as, to perform better with a change in the string. There are many accessories out there, and you might be confused about what you need. This list might help you get a better understanding of the accessories you need.

Guitar Strings

A guitar needs strings to play, Duh! But finding the right one is a task as they are a lot of things to consider like the material of the string and also the gauge. When it comes to acoustic guitar, strings are wound with 80/20 bronze or phosphor Bronze it depends on what you prefer. Electric guitar strings are more comfortable to choose as they have nickel wound and it is up to you to decide what gauge you would like to play in the electric guitar. Check out this website to know more about guitar.

Guitar String Cutter

One requires the right tools to change the strings on the guitar. Guitar strings are longer than they need to be and one requires a cutter to cut the strings off. As simple as that!


A tuner is required to help you play in tune; tuner enables you to tone each string of your guitar and set it as you please. Tuners come in cable and also in the form of clip-on.


Capo helps you play many tunes while using the chords shapes you find more comfortable. Capo should be carefully selected as some capo fail to apply equal pressure and may make noise ruining the experience of playing the guitar.

Guitar Pick

Picks are essential, but pick comes in many different materials and also different thickness. It is up to you to decide if you are interested in strumming or picking.

Guitar Humidifier

As the acoustic guitar is made out of wood and a fragile piece of wood. The wood in dry conditions begins to crack. As the name suggest guitar humidifier controls the humidity of your guitar and protect it from cracking in dry climatic conditions.

Guitar Strap

A guitar strap is helpful when you decide to play the instrument standing up. A guitar strap will help you hold your guitar on your body and also enables you to adjust at what height you like to play. There is no need to spend a lot of money on a strap; they are many cheap options available.

Guitar Stand

If you are a professional guitarist, it is advisable to get a stand as it gives you easy access to your guitar when you need it and also advisable not to set your guitar against a wall with nothing holding it up,

Guitar Pedal

Guitar pedal is a small metal box that sits on the floor that can be switched on and off with the help of your feet. Pedals are designed to alter your tone like cleaning up the music or making the tone louder etc.

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