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The 10 most interesting facts about Air conditioning

There are a lot of amusing facts about air conditioning – here's a list of them. Read on!

The very first AC in a home

The first residential AC was installed way back in the year 1914. And yes, you guessed it right – it was as bulky as it could be! 7ft high, 6 ft, wide and 20 ft long – now that must have occupied half of the room itself!

Theatres were first

The first experience of air conditioners people had was in theatres! In fact, theatres back then would market the Air conditioners to draw in crowds seeking respite from the heat!

Status symbol

It was not very late after World War II that air conditioners became a status symbol. They became so famous that around 1 million models of air conditioners were sold during that period! Check out here to know more facts about Air conditioner.

Restricted access

Because of the massive size of Air conditioners and the expensive cost, they came along with; the AC's were bought and used only by the rich and privileged who had huge homes and a lot of money!


The initial air conditioners were super expensive and way out of the reach of the common man! They were priced around $400 – the hourly wage back then was $0.64 – which meant that a given person had to work for 650 hours to buy one air conditioner!

Important for certain medications

There are certain medicines and medical procedures that can be conducted only in air-conditioned environments!

The first AC car

Packard was the first company to have infused an AC in a car – and as expected, the model was a super hit!

The inventor of the Air conditioner

The very first model of the air conditioner was manufactured by Willis Carrier in 1902 – he did so to keep the paper in his publishing firm from expanding and the ink from running!

Life before AC

Before air conditioners came along, the architects constructed buildings with high ceilings, huge windows, and landscapes to ensure the homes stay cool and breezy.

Blocks of ice

Before air conditioners, people would use vast blocks of ice to keep things and themselves cool! In fact, when Air conditioners came along, their output was measured considering how much ice would be required to be melted to bring that amount of cooling!

We’re sure you didn’t know most of these and quite a lot of the facts must have managed to stun you!

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