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Top 10 preventative maintenance tips for safeguarding your roof

Your house needs two things to be always in top-notch condition, the foundation and the roof. The foundation or the floor is to keep the house intact and the rook if to protect the interiors from anything that falls from the sky. But the floor does not require as much maintenance as the roof does. Your roof might face issues of leakage and breakage and will require a fix more often. The solution to that can be a good maintenance plan to keep the health of the roof intact. Here are ten tips to control the damages to your rood and keep its condition good for a long time.

Roof check after a stormy day

In the times of heavy rainfall or powerful winds, the chances of your roof getting damaged increases. The problems such as damaged shingles, fractured edges, missing fasteners etc. may occur during the storm season. Make sure to make it a habit to have a roof check after every stormy day to see if the damage is caused and requires a quick fix. Visit this website to know more about roofing.

Replace missing roof shingles

Make sure to never leave an open space on the surface of your roof to allow any water accumulation or seep. If you find a missing shingle, replace with a new one. A small volume of water can cause a lot of damage to the inside construction if it is left accumulated on the roof for a long time. It can result in the damage and replacement of the entire inner structure, especially when the material is made of wood.

Prevent algae and mold growth

Algae and molds are very common in rainy regions. It can cause corrode the foundation of your building. It can become the reason for decaying of your roof and will require an overall replacement if not done on time. If you notice any black streaks, melted patches, any chemically reacted discoloration, you know that it requires a fix as soon as possible before the whole ceiling absorbs the algae and molds.

Keep your gutters checked

Gutters are important to drain off the water accumulation over and around your house, and nothing else. Make sure that all the gutters are being cleaned at least 1-2 times a month to prevent any blockage in the drainage system. Keep cleaning the piles of branches, leaves, and debris caused by the wind and trees to keep the water flowing through the pipes.

Trim the branches

The overhanging branches on your roof can become the main reason for the blockage of your drainage system. It can also cause direct physical damage if it falls naturally. There is no way to know when the branch is going to break and fall on your roof, causing you enough expense to repair the broken ceiling. The solution is to keep trimming the hanging parts of the tree branches which cover your roof before they fall themselves.

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